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What are common errors on the Submit Content page?

Not including enough keywords or the misspelling of keywords will stop the submission process.

Nov 8, 2017Knowledge

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What are common errors on the Submit Content page?
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If you prepared your uploaded content for submission, but nothing the submission is not successful, it is most likely because your submission contains an error. The most common error is misspelled keywords, which are outlined in red.

You can delete the misspelled keyword and enter the correct spelling again. You can also correct the misspelled keyword by clicking on it and selecting another option from the list. However, sometimes a particular word may not be recognized because it is specific to a culture or region. In that case you can simply select "This is correct" and overwrite the spelling error.

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Please keep in mind that at this time we can accept keywords and titles only in English.

You also may not have actually added the keywords to your content, but rather just pasted them in without entering them. In this case you will receive the message "Please enter at least 7 keywords."

This may happen when you copy and paste keywords from another resource outside of the Submit Content page. Simply click within the line with the pasted keywords and hit the the "enter" button on your keyboard to actually enter the keywords.