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How can customers use images and videos they download?

The license that was used to download determines how content can be used

Nov 26, 2018Knowledge

How can customers use images and videos they download?
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When customers download content from Shutterstock they are purchasing a royalty free license, they do not purchase ownership or exclusive rights to the content. The type of license used to download your content determines how the content can be used by the customer.
Standard and Enhanced License
These two licenses are offered with our image packs and subscription plans. They are very similar, but for these main exceptions:
  • Standard License limits the number of copies that can be made of an image, there is no limit with an Enhanced License
  • Enhanced License allows images to be used for merchandise, Standard License does not
The following use of content is not allowed with the Standard or Enhanced Shutterstock license:
  • Sensitive use (such as pornography, or for tobacco ads, political endorsements, or any use that could be defamatory if a model is depicted in the image)
  • Commercial use of editorial content
  • Using content as a logo or trademark
Premier License
This is the strongest license offered by Shutterstock and is designed with enterprise clients such as publishers and ad agencies in mind.
  • License may include such things as full indemnification, unwatermarked comps, and some sensitive use
Learn more about Shutterstock's Premier license.

Video License
There is only one license for video content and it allows customers to use clips globally in video productions of any kind, in live performances, and on websites.
Learn more about the full video license.

Each license pays out differently based on your lifetime earnings and the type of product that was used to download the image. You can learn more about it here.